Our Story

With Farmed Today, we are creating a community that wants to make a positive impact on their environment and believes that health is based on good food and nutrition. Founded in 2017, Farmed Today values transparency and fairness towards producers and consumers. We strive for global biodiversity and sustainably farmed produce. The team currently operates from Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a fair and sustainable food system.
At Farmed Today, we identified the key problem of the current food system as following flaws:

• Small-scale food producers' margins are too small to be able to operate effectively
• Local, sustainable food produce are too difficult to access for consumers
• The amount of wasted foods is too high, resulting in unnecessary pressure on the society and the environment

Our Solutions

In order to facilitate a globally transparent supply chain, we created the Farmed Today Market to support sustainable food producers.

On the Farmed Today Market, food-producers (sellers) can create their own storefront and sell to local consumers. Producers have the option to set their own pricing and add their personal story and passion to the products and their profile.
As food waste is equally important to us, we also collaborate with vendors that sell rescued foods on our platform.
These foods are usually thrown away because of their shape, expiration date or colour, which does not fit the profile of what supermarkets are requesting.

Besides enabling the direct exchange of sustainable products, it is essential to also keep inventing new products that can provide natural nutrition for affordable prices on a global scale. At the Farmed Today Food Lab, we are focused on creating innovative food products that fill the gaps in our current markets.

With our first line of Products, we set the goal of creating a convenient product for Amsterdam consumers while reducing Food Waste in the Netherlands. With the Rescued Food Box, we have done exactly this. Visit our Food-Lab to learn more.


Our Team

The company is managed by Demba Lehrer, founder and managing director. He is overseeing all activities and operations. His experience lays in business administration, sustainable supply chains and the hospitality- industry.

‘Having a farmer as grandfather and a chef as my father sparked my passion for taste and flavours. Since I was young, I was fascinated and affected by the food and drinks industry. During my studies at Hotelschool the Hague, I came across fundamental issues within our current food system that affect food production, distribution, waste and logistics. Issues that will limit our supply of highly qualitative and good tasting produce, if we don’t act now. So I founded Farmed Today in order to improve the global food supply and distribution. Farmed Today is working on this mission by restoring local food systems from the inside-out.‘

- Demba Lehrer, 2017.